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This can be read as some sort of sequel to Sunk, but really? It’s just porn.

Their first time is… chaotic. Not a disaster, okay? Allison knows disasters, had Johnny Wilson (aka Braceface Johnny) try to go down on her once in San Fran when they were going out. That had been kind of a disaster (not that anything had happened, they’d just gotten sort of freaked out about it and after calming down they’d decided to just watch a movie instead). This is just messy. Just a tangle of limbs and snickers when Scott and Stiles keep accidentally (and then not so accidentally because sometimes Allison thinks they are still ten year old kids) tickling the insides of each other’s knees.

They are on her bed, because it’s the only one big enough to host the three of them somewhat comfortably, since she’s tall and leggy, like a runway model (Stiles’ words) and Stiles is miles and miles of uncoordinated flailing limbs (Stiles’ words) and Scott is nicely filled out and… uh, proportionate. Very nicely proportionate. All over. (Also Stiles’ words.)

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Lacrosse Bros Panel at BiteCon

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look at all the tears

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i made a spiritual connection w this lil guy today


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you gotta be jay z about life

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Anonymous asked: Can you explain why Europeans were much more technologically advanced than the indigenous populations of Africa? I mean, these cultures hadn't even invented sewage systems, which is something the Romans were able to design and implement in 800-735 BC (a long fucking time before "the white man" colonized it)... I mean fuck, without "the white man", they would probably still be in the fucking bronze age.



I don’t really know what kind of history books bigots like you read.

The Great Libraries of Timbuktu? The steel metallurgy of the Haya? Dentistry? Caesarean section? Premature neonatal care? Mathematics, architecture, engineering?

I know it’s hard for a racist like you who imagines “technological advancement” to be some kind of end-all-be-all, or proof of some “inherent intelligence”. I know, I know. It’s hard to imagine, but Europeans have been drawing knowledge from everyone around them since the dawn of time. What did you think ended the Dark Ages?

Your magical (read: white supremacist) idea of a purely 'white' Rome never existed.


The Minoan culture on the island of Crete between 1500-1700 B.C.E. had a highly developed waste management system. They had very advanced plumbing and designed places to dispose of organic wastes. Knossos, the capital city, had a central courtyard with baths that were filled and emptied using terra-cotta pipes. This piping system is similar to techniques used today. They had large sewers built of stone.”

In case you needed further clarification, neither the Minoans nor other (later) Greeks were ethnically uniform. They also had the first flush toilets, dating back to 18th century B.C.E. They had flushing toilets, with wooden seats and an overhead reservoir. The Minoan royals were the last group to use flushing toilets until the re-development of that technology in 1596.

Oh, and look the Mayans had indoor plumbing, acqueducts, and pressurized water too. I mean, you can ignore that the area Mayans lived in had little to few rivers, no lakes or standing water, nor other sources of running water, while simultaneously dealing with monsoons and flooding due to one of the heaviest yearly rainfalls in the Americas.

Classic Maya even used household water filters using locally abundant limestone carved into a porous cylinder, made so as to work in a manner strikingly similar to modern ceramic water filters.

Of course, by this time millenia later none of your precious “white people” had developed any methods besides shitting in pots.

Continuing, the earliest archaeological record of an advanced system of drainage comes from the Indus Valley Civilization from around 3100 B.C.E in what is now Pakistan and North India. By 2500 B.C.E (almost 5,000 years ago), they had highly developed drainage systems where wastewater from each house flowed into the main drain.
All houses in the major cities of Harappa and Mohenjo−daro had access to water and drainage facilities. Waste water was directed to covered drains which lined the major streets directed to covered drains, which also lined all major streets. Each home had its own private drinking well and its own private bathroom. The mains that carried wastewater to a cesspit were tall enough for people to walk through. Reservoirs, a central drainage system, fresh water pumped into the homes. Pools. Baths.

Filters for solid waste.

Sorry, what were the British doing up until like, 200 years ago? Shitting in the streets? Oh yeah.
I mean, I could get into how by the Shang Dynasty (roughly 1600 B.C.E.), China had sophisticated plumbing including pressure inverted siphons.

Or into the city of Amarna, Ancient Egypt. Or Persepolis, Persia and the Achaemenids in 600 B.C.E.
But, I mean, it sounds like the only one still in the Bronze Age is you.

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Since us pansexuals, bisexuals, and asexuals “don’t exist,” we are able to walk through other planes and worlds of non-existence. This is why so very few of us can be found during winter and summer break; we are likely taking summer classes at Hogwarts or vacationing in Isengard-gard-gard.

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As soon as he parks the jeep outside his house, Derek is coming outside, bawling baby in arms and a harried look on his face. Stiles gets out of the car as Derek practically sprints towards him.

Stiles,” he greets him pointedly when he’s just a few feet away, green eyes narrowed dangerously, but arms holding the baby softly against his chest, one hand patting her back comfortingly. “What the hell could have possibly taken you so long? She’s been crying non-stop.

Stiles rolls his eyes at Derek but cringes as the baby lets out a particularly loud and pained sound, and then does this little piteous noise like she’s trying to hiccup but it’s getting held up in her throat. It’s awful.

“Yeah, sorry,” he answers then and makes motions at Derek to give the baby to him, which makes Derek look at him uncertainly.

“Dude, really? How many times do I have to tell you that I won’t break her? We were doing perfectly fine before you showed up. Just, hand her over and get all the bags inside, okay? You don’t wanna wait for my skinny ass to finish bringing all of that inside, do you?” He nods towards the jeep’s trunk and takes the baby from Derek while he’s oscillating between frowning at him and the jeep in confusion.

“All of that what?” Derek asks, voice taking a carefully neutral tone as he takes a few cautious steps towards the trunk.

Stiles shrugs, biting his lips to hold a smirk in as he bounces the baby a little.

Derek’s baffled expression when he opens the trunk and takes in the amount of bags there makes Stiles’ face break into what must look like an insufferable and shit eating grin. He’s not even sorry about it.

Stiles,” Derek bites out and looks at him with raised eyebrows, “what the hell.

“Yeah, turns out babies are higher maintenance than we thought and our list was found lacking.”

As he’s making the way towards the house he hears Derek throw an incredulous and somewhat flustered sounding Stiles! In his direction that makes his lips curl up into a smile as he crosses the front door’s threshold..

“Looks like he found the breast pump.” He tells the baby in an overly cheery and dulcet tone, and her eyelids flutter in response, one tiny fist uncurling and curling again. 

Derek is good with the baby.

He knows how to hold her and how to properly feed her (he’d even taken over bottle-preparing-and-testing duty after taking a look at Stiles nervously reading the instructions at the back of the formula-biting his thumbnail aggressively and sort of jiggling his leg in place, as awkward a motion as that was while standing- and deeming him unsuitable for the task), even knows how to burp her. Holds her tight against his shoulder with big hands that seem even bigger when splayed on her tiny back, on top of this new baby themed dishtowel, taps her lightly and whispers short little words to her that Stiles can’t quite hear, but tug at his heartstrings anyway because even though all he hears is gibberish it sounds comforting.

Stiles doesn’t want to think about where all of this experience comes from, why all of this comes to Derek so naturally and easily, doesn’t want to ask. The way he softly runs his hand over the peach fuzz on her head after she’s let a sonorous burp (that, well yes, does make Stiles snort because he’s seventeen, okay) and looks at her, all sad smiles and nostalgia and longing in his squinted eyes,all gut wrenching intensity in the way he cradles her so so carefully once he is done, tells him more than enough.

Stiles feels as if there was a rock trying to make its way down his throat as he watches Derek taking care of her with that look on his eyes, feels heartburn in the worst possible way.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll go wash the bottle.” He says, voice grainy, when it all threatens to become too much for him, when it all starts to feel too close to overflowing from his body and his stupid mouth, too close to being all rushed, spilled soft words of I’m sorry for everything that’s happened to you and I’m sorry you can never catch a fucking break, man and tenderness is a good look for you.

Derek’s only reply is a humming noise that feels cottony to Stiles’ ears, tingly on the nape of his neck.

  • english dub sailor neptune: i remember my first kiss... it was with [microsoft sam voice] BRAD
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